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LeGrand Virtual Studio Subscription includes unlimited personal access to constantly growing library of:

Video and audio lessons

Private, interactive Blog

Flutorials for novice flutists


Other learning resources

Virtual Studio Contents

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Virtual Studio Subscription
Ideal for:

  • FSubscribelutists and Flute Teachers
  • Brass Players and Teachers
  • Vocalists
  • Band and Choir Directors




Virtual Studio is available as a quarterly or annual subscription: Quarterly $30.00 & Annually $100.00

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Virtual Studio Topics include:

Physical Aspects of Music Making

  • Breathing
  • Body Position
  • Position and Use of Tongue
  • Spit-Buzzing
Musical Expression and Style

Mental and Emotional Aspects of Music Performance


Students under 18 must request permission from a parent or guardian BEFORE submitting any personal information to the website.

A Note to Professional Players/Teachers  In my travels, I have had the opportunity to coach many musicians on all levels and a variety of instruments. I have found that most professionals are hungry for new ideas, inspiration and encouragement. May you find it here.
A Note to Teachers/Students/Parents  It is my hope that the LeGrand Studio will assist band and choral students of all levels with basic, practical physical and mental skills for enhanced performance.

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Catherine LeGrand has changed my playing from habits that didn't work well, to ways to play that work beautifully. Even though it has been several years since I studied with her, any improvement I continue to make comes from working on implementing her excellent concepts of breathing and phrasing. I have never heard anyone else make the beautiful and enchanting sounds she can get from her flute. She is an excellent and unique teacher of ideas that work.

Kathy Johnston
Former student

Catherine LeGrand is an inspiring artist who cares about people and ideas. She is ingenious and enjoys inventing creative ways of communicating her techniques. As a teacher she effectively diagnoses and solves specific problems through (sometimes unusual) exercises and maintains a sense of interest in her subject. Catherine has a wide pool of knowledge and resources which she enjoys using to encourage and guide other musicians. She believes in making free and expressive music while retaining the essential elements of technique and the composer's intent. Some of the most distinctive characteristics of her playing are fluidity, purity of tone, thoughtful interpretation, and complete lack of tension. She is a uniquely gifted musician and teacher who is a joy to study with.

-Laura Philbrick, student and private flute teacher



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