Music Decoder Rings TM: Major Scales and Chords
Music Decoder Rings TM: Minor Scales and Chords
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Music Decoder Rings™

Do Scales puzzle you? Then dial your way to a better understanding of the note patterns that make up music with colorful, easy to use Music Decoder Rings.TM

Music Decoder Rings help you
Master Chords
• Understand Intervals
• Demystify Transposition

• Demystify Transposition Skills
• Easy to use and transport
• Fit into music folder or notebook pocket
• Sturdy, water and tear resistant construction
• Place on music stand for easy access while practicing

How It Works


Align “1” on the inner ring with the first note of the scale you want to “decode”. Follow the numbers around the inside ring. 1 up to 7 to ascend the scale, and 7 down to 1 to descend the scale/ Each number lines up with the note name in the scale. The Music Decoder Rings™ will show you which accidentals to apply and you’ll always know where the half steps occur!
Scale Pattern: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-1-7-6-5-4-3-2-1

Align “1” on the inner ring with the first note of the chord you want to “decode”. Follow the numbers 1-3-5 to find the notes in the chord.
Chord Pattern: 1-3-5-1-5-3-1

Available Music Decoder Rings
• Major Scale/Chord
• Minor Scale/Chord

Coming soon
• 7th chords
• Augmented Chord
• Diminished Chord

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